Coronavirus and Perspective

I trust this correspondence finds everyone well (and safe), despite the current pandemic that is impacting everyone around the world.

That’s a big deal.

On one hand, it’s a bit scary.

On the other hand, it’s also a bit exhilarating.

If we surrender to the process, devastation can birth new life to process and how we live.

This sounds good and all, but what does this actually mean for what we’re going through right now? Here are a few things to consider that can shift our perspective.

Stay present and be wise.

Social distancing is the intentional act of avoiding crowds, refraining from being in close proximity with others in non-essential circumstances, and staying home—which quarantines you to those in your immediate family. This does not mean you cannot go outside. This means be smart about your interaction around others. Please take a moment to step outside to get fresh air. It’s not only ideal, but it’s necessary.

Think virtual. Be innovative.

One of the best things the Coronavirus exposed is the power of digital connectivity. Many businesses are forced to close doors, but does that mean that business must close? Not at all.

Here are examples of entrepreneurs that turned this horrible season into a shift in their business model:

Church for Entrepreneurs

I had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder of this organization in 2016 during an entrepreneur business class. His business model at the time was going to different churches to help Christian entrepreneurs connect the dots between their relationship with God, their gifts, and their businesses. Due to the Coronavirus, this model is not attainable. Instead of pausing their efforts- they focused more on digital. They started on online gathering and had over 375 people from all over the world join their first online gathering. Within one day, they updated their website to include a section called “Gatherings.” It’s being incorporated into their overall structure.

A photographer captures the moment…for families.

A photographer in Massachusetts decided to bring a little joy to families by starting #TheFrontStepsProject by taking photos of families on their front porch, practicing social distancing, and providing the photos free of charge (while asking for a contribution as a small business owner).

Urban Nest Furniture Store goes curbside.

In an effort to combat closing doors completely (which impacts the families of her employees), Beaufort, SC’s very own Urban Nest is now making deliveries for coffee and pastries for local neighbors and surrounding areas. This new approach to business keeps the company open and the employees employed (and safe).

Think digital.

Stores are closing down, but the internet transactions are booming. Influencer Marketing is currently at an all-time high, and everyone’s taking the time to “Netflix and chill.”

This means that your ideal customer is online. Somewhere. Possibly bored, but also available to be reached through social advertising.

How can your business engage more on your social media channels? All of us have an interesting opportunity to engage with our communities and have everyone’s attention. What will your business do with this opportunity?

Remember that everything comes to an end.

Everything under the sun has a beginning and an end. Eventually, the coronavirus will pass, and the world will be back to normal--- or will it?

At this very moment, we recognize a vast difference in the approach of business owners. Some are deciding to pause while others are pushing in deeper to find the good, any good, in this season.

If you look hard enough, you find it and have an “aha” moment along the way.

Postponing your business plans simply puts you behind those who kept going. Don’t stop... SHIFT and keep going.

Consider how you can be innovative during this time, using the resources you have and these Internet Streets that we call Social Media.

How can your business stay top of mind when everything is lifted, and people are itching to get out of the house, engage with others, and reconnect with society?

Shift your perspective to find your opportunities.

So, in closing, ANE, LLC is committed to helping you figure things out in your business during these times, but we also encourage you to stay safe and stay hungry for your passion.

Invest in your business when it seems a bit crazy to do it and push yourself to think a little broader than the status quo.

Stay safe, everyone—and shift your perspective!

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