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I Am More than A Woman. I am an EZER.

Life has a funny way of pushing you into discovering who you are through what you experience. I worked in Corporate America for 11 years, with a dream of becoming an advocate and executive influencer for diversity and inclusion. I wanted to change a system that started before my time. 

In 2019, I experienced an unexpected layoff and no plan B...except for this side hustle thing that I started in 2016. My husband encouraged me to stop asking for approval at a table that wasn't designed for me and create my own. 

I did, and here we are, together. The table I am creating is fully-inclusive, global, and boldly cheering for every woman Business Warrior to WIN. 


I am the Founder of The Ezer Agency, a best-selling author, poet, publicist, and brand strategist that helps business warriors activate impact over followers and applause. As a result, my clients discover the power of their brand's authentic story, which attracts the right customers for brand advocacy and conversion. 

I've worked with global brands, including CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Adult Swim, Church’s Chicken, Sutter Home Wines, and more. 

I appreciate you stopping by. Let's connect, and feel free to reach out to me! I love new friends and great partnerships! 

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